Veiled Veils 

You only see 

what the veil permits. 

And it kills you so much,

that to it, you would never admit. 
Your clueless, cowardly self, 

squats behind armored guards of excuses. 

You’ve dubbed them, 

terrorism, oppression and social abuses. 
Despite their 

fragile, fluttery looks. 

You fear an existence 

that defies every rule in your books. 
An existence that eludes 

your paltry intellect. 

With an ability 

to rise above your hate and contempt. 
So you could ban veils 

from now till eternity. 

Claiming it is 

a matter of national security. 
Even if it’s just 

to satisfy your natural curiosity, 

know! that beneath each veil 

is another, 

and another, 

and another…. 

veils to infinity. 


A Mind for Ransom 

My emotions are 

alphabetically stacked, you see…

it’s the only way

obsessive-compulsive would leave me be.
Depression’s bulky frame, 

pins me down.  

Leers at me,  

all stale breath, with teeth so brown.


The third guy’s 

straight out of torture-ville. 

Paranoia adores mind games 

and loves to give people chills.  
Ransom me! 

from my sickly, ill minds.

Love me! 

with the strength of countless, unbreakable binds. 
You see of me, 

as much, as I see of you. 

Yes. You! My sane reflection, 

mirrored in waters of blue.